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Acquia Cloud Site Factory post site clone hook

We have faced with interesting issue during our work on the site factory on the Drupal 8 based on Acquia Cloud Site Factory (ACSF) platform.

There is a feature in ACSF that allows you to duplicate existing site and create a new one with the same content but with another URL. Issue was that cloned site has used the same SOLR index as the ancestor. Actually it is logical because as we had made full copy of the site, including configurations. This issue could be resolved by re-initializing SOLR settings for after site cloning.

We have not found any hooks that are invoked after site duplication in the documentation Hooks in Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

Solution has been found in the module acsf_duplication. There is event system that is implemented in the acsf module. ACSF launches event site_duplication_scrub when site is duplicated. Example of events definition can be found in acsf_duplication_acsf_registry().

After this finding we have implemented handler of this event that updates SOLR configuration. Also updating of acquia_connector settings have been added to push data to Acquia Insight correctly.